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How to profect human hair

With the development of the times,moe and more people wear Wrote by---human hair,then,we should how to right wear human hair,pretect our human hair,and keep our hair health.
  First,wearing human hair before,It's recommended that use a gentle ang high quality product to wash hair,and it is necessary that you need to wash the weave in warm water.then,rinse the conditioner out in cold water.last,let the weave air-dry.
  Second,you need to use a wide tooth comb through the hairto remove all tangles.Never using any oils to the hair weave. Avoid using a heated appliance.last,you should wash hair every week.
  Third,last but not least, Apply a braid moisturizer suitable on the hair every other day, keep hydrated and taking care of scalp.

Wrote by---Giulia hair

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