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How To Maintain Your Virgin Hair In Autumn

Now it is autumn, the weather is getting more and more cool and dry. Not only our body need to add the water, but also our hair it is. If you have the same feeling that your hair even your virgin hair is getting dry recently and don’t know how to do, just need to read as below.

1.Before shampooing, you should brush your virgin hair smoothly with wide comb; starting from the end of the virgin hair, and then, brushing the hair from the root to the end. Especially the body wave human hair, you should comb it slightly so that can avoid it to getting tangled.

2.Making the hair full wet. Please remember that you should use the slightly warm water when you wash your virgin hair, because the hot water will make the hair become dryer and dryer.

3.Apply a proper amount of moisturizer to the palm of your hands, it is better that apply the moisturizer from the end of hair to the virgin hair root. Therefore, your affordable virgin hair can be lasted longer. Then, you can message your scalp and hair so that the nutrient of hair care product can leave your hair for a while. If you want to get better absorption, you can pack a hot towel to help the nutrient to penetrate.

4.After shampooing your hair, it is important that you should let your hair air dry, and then put some moisturizer on your virgin hair such as curly human hair bundles. Placing the hair bundle between your hands and gently massage the hair bundle to allow the hair to fully absorb the nutrient of care product.

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