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Otoplasty: Know the Different Operations

Otoplasty in Kolkata

This article is about otoplasty and the several types of this ear surgery. This article also explains why there is a need for these.
The surgeon who performs otoplasty is most often an ear doctor who has specialized in this aspect of surgery. No matter how small this part of the body is, this kind of surgery is still important and crucial. It most likely falls under microsurgery due to the minuteness of the parts of this organ. In spite of this, it is actually a form of plastic surgery that is often performed to improve the looks and appearance of an individual instead of restoring function to the area.


this is the most common form of otoplasty there is. Many people are born with ears that prominently protrude to the outer sides. Children are the usual victims of teasing and name calling when they have these kinds of features. Dumb is a common moniker as well as the frequent question of if he or she can fly by flapping them. Self esteem and self confidence are brutally crushed when this form of bullying happens. It is actually a mild form of bullying but nonetheless it does negatively affect the child. Parents often consult surgeons for correction of this feature and specialists recommend pinning. The term may seem like the protuberances are pinned back but in reality it is not that simple. These are operated on and rebuilt to look closer to the side of the head. The extent of the operation itself will depend on how much the ears are protruding and how extensive the changes will be. The operation itself can last up to an hour or so depending on what technique the surgeon will use.
Cartilages are usually reshaped and cut to accommodate the positive changes that the parents and the child want. Sometimes cutting these cartilages may not be necessary and the surgeon might just opt to actually pin down some of them to create a look that is closer to the head. Sutures are commonly used to pin them down.

this form of otoplasty is actually quite similar to pinning but focuses more on redoing the shape of the instead of actually minimizing the protrusion of the ear. Some people are born with oddly shaped ears that might also earn him or her taunts and name calling while in school. This can negatively affect a child’s self confidence and can make him or herself conscious. Some may have elf shaped ear , with a sharp tip towards the upper end while others may have notches on their ears. These deformities can be easily remedied and corrected through otoplasty.
The procedure to do so is highly similar to pinning. Reshaping will need some removal of cartilage and skin while reconstruction may need some grafting of cartilage and skin in order to complete notched ears. These procedures can be outpatient ones which means that the patient can go home after he or she has recovered from the medication or sedative.
Parents are encouraged to think about the positive results that pinning or reshaping can have for their children. These procedures can actually help them have a fuller life and prevent them from being targeted by bullies.
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